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Monday, July 1, 2013

PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013

Grandeur and Opulence redefined. One of the most respected and highly acclaimed platform forms to showcase the latest bridal couture in India is PCJ Delhi Couture Week. This year the fashion week was held at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi from July 31st - Aug 4th, 2013. Get ready to be totally captivated and bewitched by the resplendent collections of industry veterans. Participating Designers include Manish Arora, Anamika Khanna, Varun Bahl, Anju Modi, Sabyasachi, Arjun Khanna, Manish Malhotra and others. The luxe effect was visible in all the garments showcased by the leading Indian designers. The designers portrayed timeless love for luxury which has been a legacy since the Maharajas ruled India. Katrina Kaif liked a diva as she walked the ramp for Manish Malhotra
Needless to say, Anamika Khanna’s designs mesmerized one and all. Varun Bahl enjoyed a gala opening and rocked the ramp with his eclectic designs.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wear it the Masaba way

Yes. I am talking about the Masaba Gupta who launcher her own label at the tender of age 19 and since then hasn’t looked back. She is now the design head of the brand- Satya Paul. Her captivating and eclectic creations have made her one of the most sought after designers in Bollywood. Her camera and cow prints have become a rage. Have a look at some her ensembles and you will realise that it is an absolute must for a bride to possess a Masaba Gupta creation. Both young and old fashionistas want to look quirky, elegant, fun and stylish and there is only one designer who can make them look like that- Masaba Gupta. The word Masaba means a wild African flower. Masaba has successfully given a total make over to the way an Indian lady wears or carries a sari. Bling is absolutely not on her list and Sonam Kapoor simply loves Masaba Gupta’s sense of contemporary design and the Indianess of her approach.
So, what are you waiting for? Wear it the Masaba way.

3 rooms with a beautiful architecture and breathtaking views

Have a look at the 3 best rooms that offers timeless beauty and resplendent views. Courtesy: Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. Maharani Suite at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur Beautifully spread across 26 acres Umaid Bhawan Palace is an epitome of timeless beauty. This room had been designed and created for the beautiful Maharani Badan Kanwan. The Maharani suite (4850 square feet) offers a majestic view of the classic Mehrangarh Fort, velvet green lawns dotted with dancing peacocks, chirping birds that spin music in the air, blazing colours of the stunning sunset, and a canopy of stars at night. If you are lucky you may even meet the royalty.
Tata Suite at the Taj Mahal Palace Enter paradise. Yes, that is how you feel when you enter the Tata Suite at the Taj Mahal Palace. Located in the heart of Mumbai, the room offers panoramic views Mumbai Harbour overlooking the Gateway of India. This majestic and opulent suite has been named after the industrious Jamsetji Tata. If you love all things that have colonial history to it then you will simply fall in love with this suite. Every corner is a reflection of the glorious art and architecture that prevailed in India. The room has beautifully designed to evoke the grandeur of the past while offering the most comforting and luxurious services. A marriage of classic and contemporary style, this room redefines luxurious living.
Taj Fisherman’s Cove Chennai When was the last time you feel relaxed? If you are looking for premium indulgence then this is your destination- Taj Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai. This space is for lovers of the sea. An interrupted view of the Bay of Bengal through rustic cottages is now a reality. Taj Fisherman’s Cove was constructed on the remains of a classic Dutch fort. This is an ideal abode for all those who love the blue cascading waters and soft sea breeze kissing your face. Feel rejuvenated and embrace tranquility at Taj Fisherman’s Cove.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 Enchanting palaces for destination weddings

Do you wish to host a grand and an intimate wedding at a magnificent palace? Well, there are many palaces in India to choose for grand destination weddings in India. Palaces transform you back to a magical era and everything seems so royal and intriguing. The tops five beautiful and mesmerizing palaces that make a timeless and perfect wedding venue are as follows: Balsamand Lake Palace This royal retreat is located eight kilometers from the charming city of Jodhpur. You will experience tranquility as the cacophony of the traffic will not irritate you. This beautiful palace is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. It is an ideal venue for destination weddings. You will fall in love with the exquisite red sandstone and the ten suites which scream opulence and magnificence. It is royalty all the way and everywhere. The palace has undergone a series of restoration and has been refurbished but the royal charm of the palace casts a magical spell. The palace is surrounded by manicured gardens, a pristine lake and cozy dining alcoves and much more.
Khimsar Fort and Sand Dunes If you love history, adventure and fun then Khimsar Fort is the ideal venue for destination weddings. You will notice that Khimsar Dunes Village and Khimsar Fort complement each other perfectly. Khimsar fort beautifully borders the Thar Desert. Amidst the sands and dryness, the enchanting Khimsar fort emanates beauty, grandeur and magnificence. It is one of the most sought after venues for destination weddings as you can enjoy majestic courtyards, large open spaces, beautiful view of the sand dunes, and the heritage of Rajasthan. This venue is ideal for a mela theme wedding.
Fernhill Palace
Luxury is redefined at Fernhill Palace. Picturesquely situated in the Blue Hills of Nilgiri, Fernhill palace is an ideal venue for destination weddings. Comfortably spread over 40 acres of green this enchanting and grand palace was summer retreat of the Maharaja of Mysore. Soothing ambience, opulent rooms, marvelous architecture, and delectable cuisines makes Fernhill palace the ideal venue for an exotic destination wedding. Lallgarh Palace If you want a maharaja – maharani theme wedding then you should plan a grand destination wedding at Lallgarh Palace in Bikaner. This heritage hotel will mesmerize you with its manicured lawns, magnificent craftsmanship, and the totally vintage look and feel of the rooms. Celebrate your wedding royally.

Monday, June 17, 2013

5 interesting facts you didn’t know about Mehndi

No Hindu wedding is complete without Mehndi (henna). A bride’s hands looks lovely with the brick red Mehndi colour. All the brides love the Mehndi ceremony. After speaking to a few experts I am listing down some best kept secrets about Mehndi. Mehndi (henna) originates in Dubai. But it was first used in Turkey. The women coloured their hands with Mehndi in central Turkey in 4000 BC. Did you know that Mehndi was also used in Egypt in as early as 3400 BC? Mehndi was used 5000 years back in Egypt for Pharaohs. It was used to paint the hands of the Pharaohs who died so that they would have a happy afterlife. In fact, when henna was first used in Egypt, the Egyptian women would not leave the house without dipping their hand in henna so that they would attain red fingertips as it was considered inappropriate to leave the home without Mehndi in the hands. Mehndi was used in India from 12 century (Mughal era) onwards. A very interesting fact that very few of us would know is that even North African Jewish communities and Yemenite apply Mehndi for their wedding ceremonies. Isn’t it fascinating? Mehndi is extremely popular amongst the Sephardi and Ashkenazi brides. In fact even the Moroccan women celebrating the Id al-Adha festivity wear Mehndi to celebrate the colorful and beautiful springtime and the animal sacrifice. It is very hard to believe but people residing in rural areas of North Africa, henna twigs are used to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy. These were some fascinating facts about Mehndi that am sure most you were not aware about.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrate your wedding with splash of colours

Using a single colour or a splash of colours is the best way to celebrate your wedding. I can assure you that it is extremely romantic to celebrate togetherness around colours. It is time to celebrate and build a dream wedding ambience with colours. Make the wedding celebrations colorful and lovely. Go for either a single colour scheme or just have a rainbow effect- myriad colours and its varying hues. Pretty in pink Undoubtedly, pink is a favourite of all the girls. Pink also indicates that you are a true romantic and believe in lived happily ever after. Pink can do wonders to the wedding décor. Brides can totally blush in their pink wedding ensemble and a timeless fuchsia pink will make the venue look mesmerizing and enchanting. A pink cake will look awesome as it will be in sync with the décor. Pink carnations in your mandap will be the talk of the town. Do not forget to send a pink wedding invite to all your loved ones. Blue Bling Blue is the perfect choice for a summer wedding. Something blue will look divine as the varying shades of turquoise will totally captivate the guests at your wedding celebrations. This sea and sky colour theme will look great as the bride and groom can be dressed in aqua colour bridal wear to add to the beautiful setting. Blue will not only add coolness but it will give it a magnificent look feel. Settle for a sapphire ring before you tie the knot. Oranglicious Make a fashion statement at your wedding celebrations by choosing orange and hues of terracotta as the colour for the grand day. Hues of orange and gold will add drama and make the wedding celebrations look flawless. An orange bridal lahenga will look classic, orange chandeliers will make the venue look dramatic, a terracotta invite is zesty, rust coloured flowers and earthy pots will complete the entire look. Go Green Yes, I am asking you to be Greenwise and if you select green colour as the themes for your wedding celebrations then you can surely redefine elegance with eco-friendly wedding invites and glamorous green bridal attire. You can even serve green tea to your guests as green is the colour of the day. Did you know that green symbolises faith and continuity? The green scene will look perfect with a stunning green emerald ring on your finger.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Top 4 Bollywood celebrities who should get married

One of the most talked about topic is Bollywood celebrities and celebrity weddings. The big fat Indian wedding gets magnificent and enigmatic when two Bollywood celebrities decide to say I do. Most of the Bollywood celebrities have made headlines when they got hooked, booked and cooked. I have made a list of the top four Bollywood celebrities who should get married in 2013. Salman Khan Riding high on bachelorhood is the good looking and one of the most wanted superstars- Salman Khan. I am single and ready to mingle is the status of most Bollywood celebrities and Salman is no different. We have often heard him candidly confess on various national television shows that he is waiting for the right girl. Right from Sangeeta Bijlani to Somy Ali, and now Katrina, he has dated some of the most beautiful women in India. Rumours are rife that he has broken up with beau Katrina Kaif as she and the sexy Ranbir Kapoor are seen together quite often. We all are guessing who will be the lucky girl to be Salman Khan’s better half. Rani Mukherjee She made headlines for her debut film and till today she is always talked about for her films and the brewing romance between her and acclaimed filmmaker Aditya Chopra. Rani has won the hearts of millions with her noteworthy acting skills but when asked about marriage she gets irritated and says when the right time and right guys comes along she will get married. I wish you all the love and luck Rani. Karan Johar He does not need any introduction. Karan Johar undoubtedly is one of the most sought after filmmakers in India and overseas. His films have always stirred our emotions but his impending marriage has become the talk of the town. What I really keep thinking is that why hasn’t he never been linked to any of the Bollywood celebrities till date? I think it is high time his best friends Kajol and Shah Rukh find him the right match. Preity Zinta Every time I see Preity she keeps getting prettier. Her dimples add charisma to her smile and it makes me think that why is such a beautiful and successful actress not getting married? Her relationship with Ness Wadia ended on a bitter note and she really does not have a career in Bollywood. She is already 37 years old. Wonder when will she get married?